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IHS Travel Safe


Description: The aim of the application is to assist people with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders in preparation for any international travel they may be taking. It allows storage of itineraries, insurance details and specific haemophilia centre locations internationally. There is a quick calls section that stores a list of call details for an emergency. The app also provides key phrases in 5 languages for people with Haemophilia.

Note: This is not a substitute for any travel documents you may require.

Whilst every effort is made to the exact locations of the haemophilia centre, while travelling we recommend calling the centre and confirming its location before going to the centre

When using this app it will require data and you will be charged according to your internet connection. We recommend filling in all data and downloading information before you travel and using the app in essential situations while travelling.

Project Model: Mobile: IPhone & Android
Technology: Xcode + Cocoa Framework, Java
URL: Appstore, Google Play